13 Slow Motion GIFs That Show How Things Really Happen

Who knew that such simple things could be so amazing?

1. A match being lit.

via buzzfeed

2. The life of a dandelion.

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3. A lighter producing a flame.

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4. A dog drinking water.

via karmadecay

5. The creation of a spring.

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6. A crocodile jumping out of water.

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7. Painting a helmet camouflage.

via twistedsifter

8. A ladybug taking flight.

via collegehumor

9. Filming stop-motion animation.

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10. What happens when you hit a golf ball.

via thebiglead

11. A dog shaking himself off.

via gizmodo

12. Popcorn being made.

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13. Water balloons popping.

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