18 Unbelievable Parenting Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

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Bringing beautiful, innocent new life into the world is a privilege. Children are put into our care as if having them has turned us into responsible adults, but we all know that’s not the case. All parents struggle at some point, and here are 18 examples of incredible parenting fails from TheProudParents.com. We’re not saying they’re bad parents, but this list definitely covers some bad moments.

Not microwaveable

Although it was just a photo op meant to be funny, cramming your baby in a microwave like a Hot Pocket is never a good idea.

The family business

This is just disturbing. Where do you even find baby-sized stripper clothes?

The perfect baby shower gift

Why feed your baby yourself when you can set it up this this hamster cage-inspired contraption.

Self-esteem problems

Sarah Burge, British plastic surgery addict – also known as the “human Barbie”, got her little princess the ultimate birthday gift. At the ripe old age of seven, her daughter was presented with a voucher for $9000 worth of breast implants. To be cashed in 11 years, of course.

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