A New Walmart Scam Is Going Around & It’s Pretty Scary; Don’t Let Your Friends Or Family Fall For This

A scam attempting to take advantage of Walmart shoppers is making the rounds. Educate yourself and spread the word to your friends or family so they don’t fall for it!

The scam goes like this: You receive a letter in the mail like the one below, and it will include a check. The letter will state that you have been accepted into the so-called “Quality Control” program at Walmart. A description of your duties as a “Quality Controller” is then detailed.

walmart scam 1

The scammers have you log into a website to “activate” your check. They instruct you to deposit it into your bank account and begin the fake program.

Instead, the scammers are able to pull money from your bank, and will completely drain your account. It’s a complete scam, and if you receive this letter, definitely do not deposit the check or enter any of your information on their website.

walmart scam 2

Last year Walmart confirmed they do not take part in any “quality control” or “secret shopper” programs, and they are aware of the scam being circulated. Please pass this story along to your friends and family to make sure no one else falls victim to this!

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