Cat Refuses To Leave Grocery Store No Matter How Many Times He’s Kicked Out

A Garfield-lookalike has become a British supermarket’s worst nightmare. The cat regularly sneaks in the front door among the human customers, and no matter how many times the staff kicks him out, the cat keeps coming back. Despite being kicked out more times than Sainbury’s supermarket can count, the cat will not stop haunting the store.

The feline began his routine last November: He’ll walk in the front door, sit on or around the food shelves, get kicked out by security, and returns right back in through the front door.

While the local residents think of him as a friendly neighborhood cat who often lays by the heated fans near the door, to Sainsbury’s management, he’s a menace. “He’s in here every day, all the time,” a Sainsbury’s spokesperson told The Telegraph. “He’s not allowed to be here.”

Despite the store’s best efforts, the cat’s oddly specific obsession of hanging out inside doesn’t seem to be letting up.

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