Daring to upset balance of nature, McDonald’s begins serving breakfast all day

According to CNBC, McDonald’s is planning to test all-day breakfast menus in certain locations. Testing will begin over the next couple months to measure the profitability of allowing customers to eat a Sausage & Egg McGriddle at 11 PM. If it goes well, I guess there won’t be any more videos of people freaking out because they showed up too late for breakfast.

So far the only confirmed city for the testing is San Diego.

“We look forward to learning from this test, and it’s premature to speculate on any outcomes,” wrote spokeswoman Terri Hickey in an email. “We’re excited to serve our customers in this area some of McDonald’s great-tasting breakfast sandwiches, hash browns and other favorites all day long.”

An analyst was quoted saying, “We believe customers generally want to see McDonald’s offer breakfast items all day.” I for one hope they do it in my area ASAP.