Dogs Drive Car Into The Side Of A Walmart In Most Adorable Car Crash Ever

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A pair of dogs who were left in a car with the motor still running crashed it into a Walmart, authorities said Sunday in Wayne, West Virginia.

An elderly woman left her two dogs in her car as she went shopping at Walmart in Wayne, West Virginia, WSAZ reported. The dogs somehow managed to crash the car into the building at a slow rate of speed after one of them moved the shifter from “park” to “drive.”


No people or dogs were hurt and there was only minimal damage to the car and building. Shoppers told WSAZ, they were surprised when they saw a dog driving the car. Once they realized no one was hurt and no major damage was done, they seemed to find the whole thing pretty amusing.


The owner of the dogs said she left them there with the engine running and air conditioning on so the dogs could stay cool in the heat.

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