It Is Now Legal To Break Into A Car To Save A Pet In Tennessee

Everyone who reads the news has happened across the tragic story of a young pet stuck within a hot, locked car during the summer days. Those dogs, without help, ultimately perish in the scorching heat, unfortunately. Well, it appears some states aren’t taking too kindly to that.


Tennessee has decided to pass a law that makes it completely legal for a random passerby to break into an unknown individual’s vehicle to save the life of a pet trapped within, reports WBBJ-TV. This is the type of law that would do well to be passed elsewhere, perhaps even around the entirely world.

This will protect anyone from civil liability should they damage a vehicle while attempting to rescue an animal stuck in the heat. Previously, anyone who did so could face court time and charges. Before breaking into the vehicle, though, people are asked to attempt contacting the owner of the car or contacting law enforcement personnel before doing something hasty. Let’s all hope this catches on. Spread the word!