The 25 Most Shocking Crimes Committed By Professional Wrestlers

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ken patera

Ken Patera

Ken Patera threw a boulder through the window of a McDonald’s for not serving him because it was after hours. He later assaulted the police officer that was sent to arrest him which landed him two years in jail.


Buff Bagwell

A stagehand by the name of Darrell Miller was trying to exit the arena with carpet from the show, when Buff and a group of wrestlers were clogging the exit. When Darrell asked to get by, Buff Bagwell allegedly referred to him with a racially-charged expletive twice and punched him in the neck.

When police arrived they were shown photographs of the injury and given eye-witness testimony of what happened. The police determined that Buff Bagwell was at fault and he was immediately arrested for assault. WCW suspended him for 30 days. WWE had him on their roster for 8 days before cutting him.


Scott Steiner

Steiner was arrested in 1998 for assault and making terroristic threats, after he struck a road worker with his Ford F-250 when he told Steiner an exit ramp was closed. In January 2001, he was arrested for assaulting a medical technician who entered the ring as part of a wrestling show. Charges were dropped because Steiner thought he was an actor who was expecting to be struck according to the script.

In 2005, Steiner, Lex Luger, and Buff Bagwell were removed from a flight following a disturbance on the flight. They were detained for a few hours and released, except for Luger who was held without bail and jailed.

Billy Joe Travis

Billy Joe Travis was arrested on air during a match for not paying his child support. Billy hadn’t been paying his child support to his ex-wife for some time. At the time he was working with the USWA in Memphis. When the police arrived to take him into custody at the same time, Jerry “The King” Lawler, who was in charge at the time, deciding to use the footage for his program.

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