The 25 Most Shocking Crimes Committed By Professional Wrestlers

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Disco Inferno

Glenn Gilberti, better known as Disco Inferno, was arrested in 2007 in a gambling sting in Roswell, GA. The poker game run was taking place in a basement house at the time.


William Regal

In August 1997, while still employed with WCW, William Regal was on a flight that was returning from Tokyo to the United States that was scheduled to stop in Detroit. While on the flight, Regal got extremely inebriated and while going to the restroom in an attempt to urinate, he had left the door to the lavatory open.

When a stewardess had tapped on his shoulder to instruct him to close the bathroom stall, he turned around and urinated on her. By this time, Regal had blacked out from consuming too much alcohol. When he came to, he was in a jail cell in Anchorage, Alaska, where the plane had made a landing to have him removed from the flight.

Regal was charged with “Urinating on a Flight Attendant” and fined $2,500.


Johnny Grunge

Johnny Grunge was one half of “The Public Enemy”, a popular tag team in WCW and ECW. He was arrested in 1996 for getting drunk and stealing one of the WCW production vans. Sadly, Mike Durham died at the age of 39 on Feb. 16, 2006 from complications due to sleep apnea.



Vader was arrested in Kuwait while on a morning show. He was told by producers to throw a fit and grab the interviewer when asked if wrestling was fake. Apparently the interviewer was not in on the plan and he was fined $164 for the incident.

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