Video: Cop Gets Shot In The Back, Returns Fire, & Continues To Write Traffic Ticket

It may sound like a scene from a movie, but it was all too real. After pulling over a driver on South Africa’s N2 highway, a man walking along the highway pulled a gun and demanded Officer Nizaam Alexander’s firearm. Alexander did not give up his gun, and was shot in the back.

Luckily, the officer was wearing a bulletproof vest and was able to take cover behind the car. The cop fired several shots while in pursuit of the suspect who managed to get away. Despite just being shot in the back with a handgun moments ago, this cop didn’t forget why he was out there in the first place. He calmly proceeded to pick up where he left off, and issued a ticket for driving over the yellow line.

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The City of Cape Town’s traffic services awarded Officer Alexander for his “professionalism and dedication to duty,” and it’s well-deserved as this video shows.

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