The MOST-HATED Super Bowl Commercials Ever

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It costs businesses millions of dollars to run an advertisement during the biggest NFL game of the year, the Super Bowl. With Super Bowl 50 going down on Sunday, let’s take a look back at some commercials that cost millions of dollars, and everyone either hated them or didn’t understand them. Here are the worst Super Bowl commercials ever, in no particular order.

General Motors suicide robot (2007)

So when a robot drops a screw, he gets fired. He has to work odd jobs, and when no one pays attention to him, he jumps off a bridge, although it might be a dream. Wait, what? After the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention caused a stir, the jumping robot part was edited out for future runs.

U.S. Census (2010)

The U.S. Census Bureau, in an attempt to increase awareness and motivate people to fill out information, decided to spend $2.5 million to buy time during the Super Bowl for this spot in 2010.

Nationwide dead kid (2015)

Many ripped Nationwide for trying to sell us insurance by scaring us about our children dying. Nationwide, for its part, said it wasn’t trying to sell insurance; it was trying to start a conversation about keeping our children safe. But the only conversation we had was about how bad the ad was.

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