This Touching Viral Ad From Walmart Is Confusing Their Haters

What happens when a company that has taken lots of criticism over the years releases an inspiring ad that has moved millions of people? The company, in this case, is Walmart, but the real star is Patrick, whose physical and mental hurdles haven’t stopped him from achieving his goals.

More than 4.3 million have watched the “Work is a beautiful thing: Meet Patrick” video posted by Walmart on YouTube. The viewer comments on YouTube feature an array of thoughts like these: “This is stellar,” and “That was beautiful and inspirational,” and on the other end of the spectrum: “Yeah, that’s a great video. Now if only they could actually pay their store staff enough not to need government assistance.”

There are other videos in their “Work is a beautiful thing,” theme, but Patrick’s story is drawing the most attention. He says in the video that he was born with a learning disability, which only meant that he “never learned how to give up.”

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