Wal-Mart Is Scared of These True Stories From Their Own Employees

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Walmart employees were asked to share the stories of the weirdest or craziest things they’ve ever seen at work by Reddit user FluffyKitty112. Here are some of the best responses…

Black Friday makes me barf too

by u/deaddrifter

During black friday last year a bunch of people were waiting in line for the ipads/tablets, some random kid ran by and projectile vomited over every box. Despite only cleaning them off with paper towels (all we could find during the mess of black friday), people still grabbed as many as they could.

Produce problems

by u/noromac

Ex employee of the produce department. Someone returned a mango to the store saying he “didnt need it anymore”. Was returned cut up into 3 different slices and stitched back up with scotch tape. [Later he said] because “it was too ripe”, I asked him if he had already tried eating it in anyway. He said “does it look like i touched it?”


What bathroom?

by u/valladian

I peek around the corner and theres a man holding a pair of rubber rain boots being yelled at by one of the employees. He suddenly drops the boots and threw his hands up in the air for some reason, and when the boots hit the floor a bunch of yellow liquid came spilling out of one of them. The guy had been taking a piss in the rubber boots.

Criminal mastermind

by u/podruzny

This one time while working in electronics, this dude came up to one of my coworkers and said he cut himself on one the displays, and that he needed medical attention. We threw a shitty off-brand bandaid on his cut, and sent him on his way (see: Walmart Employee). A couple hours later I noticed something wedged in-between two of the displays, and I pulled it out. It was an empty pre-paid phone case with a large slit down the side of the plastic mould and a blood stain on the exposed cardboard packaging. Turns out the guy had cut his hand open while trying to steal one of our phones, and had the Audacity to ask us for help.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…

by u/bakageta

Former Walmart employee, hope that counts. Not nearly as weird as some of these, but I watched a disgruntled employee spear 5-6 large TVs with the forklift-like picker used to pull pallets off the top shelves in the back. He said he was sick of the job and had done everything he could think of to get fired, but wasn’t having any luck. It was near Christmas, and they apparently needed people so badly he didn’t get fired over this either. After coming back from a talk with the manager, he finished his shift (now banned from using anything bigger than a pallet jack), and when his shift was over he said “F**k it, I’m not coming back, if that didn’t get me fired I don’t know what will.”

Where’s the damn remote?!?

by u/gigashadow89

My favorite was the guy who came in and said “I lost the remote so I need a new tv”

I asked him if the tv was broken. It wasn’t, he just lost the remote and didn’t want to bother finding it, so he wanted a new tv. I showed him our selection of universal remotes….he responded with “but then I’d have to program it. The new tv comes with a preprogrammed remote.”

So I sold the guy a 50 inch tv.

2am in Walmart

by u/randye

Found a woman passed out naked in sporting goods about 2:00 am while working nights. We had no idea how no one noticed her because we found articles of her clothing all over the store, including in the back storage area. Called police and ambulance. She was very very drugged and was unable to communicate at all.

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