Watch The Spread of Walmarts Across The U.S. In One Horrifying GIF

Look at that — it’s mesmerizing. This animated GIF shows the spread of Walmart across the United States, from a single store in Arkansas in 1962 to what it is today, enveloping the whole country with its low price guarantee.

Walmart going viral
(By Daniel Ferry)

It took Walmart almost 30 years before they cracked the Northeast region, but once things got going, they really got going. As wild as this GIF is, it’s sort of eerie to think that if it wasn’t correctly labeled it might look like the slow spread of an epidemic infecting all of America.

We could debate the pros and cons of Walmart all day, and some people do. A group called Jobs with Justice used the below image to publicize a congressional study stating the average taxpayer is dinged $6,000 per Walmart employee, due to the store’s low wages and benefits forcing workers to use government assistance.

walmart money

via Daniel Ferry, NewsMic, Jobs with Justice,, People of Walmart