Yes, This Creature Is Real, And It Has An Ability That Makes It A Total Badass

This is Glaucus atlanticus, a sea slug found in tropical and temperate waters throughout the world. These photographs make the rounds on Facebook every few months simply because they’re so strangely beautiful. However, no one ever mentions that this sea slug (like other sea slugs) is a total badass. Why, you ask?…

Glaucus atlanticus

It eats incredibly venomous animals like the Portuguese Man o’ War, because it’s immune to their stings. After the sea slug has consumed the Portuguese Man o’ War it “selects” the most venomous cells for its own use. The slug then incorporates these cells into its own tissues, and uses them as a defense mechanism. It also concentrates the venom, making it far more venomous than the animal it “stole” the cells from.

Glaucus atlanticus 2

via Wikipedia & Sea Slug Forum